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Hair Turbans = the great mystery of our time. Well, maybe not that big of a mystery, but many people have asked recently, how to style and wear our amazing hair turbans. And since hair turbans are HOT for spring and summer, we put together a fun how-to for you with ideas for styling and fashion.

Hair turbans can be worn on their own, or added to a hair style, dressy and chic, or casual and comfy. What we’re saying is: You’ve Got Options! And with our variety of colors, fabrics and styles, you will find the right hair turban for you.

Crystal, one amazing member of our sales team, graciously offered to be my model for this post. Doesn’t she look great?


 Here Crystal is wearing the Two Tone Interlock Turban made with 100% Silk Charmeuse in Coral & Azalea.

2 Scrubbed

How to get this look: Put your hair in a sleek, low pony to draw the hair away from the face. Wear the turban just at the hair line, covering the tops of your ears. Crystal is wearing the knot on the side to match where she parted her hair. You can do the same, or wear it in the center – try both to see which look you prefer. The back of the turban should fall underneath the pony.

Blog Image Beach Turban

What to wear with it: The silk material has a bit of shine, instantly adding class to the basic pony. It’s a great look for the beach that is functional also. It can be custom made into any fun silk solids or prints. The turban helps keep any pulled back look stay elegant and chic. Pair it with a tank and some shorts or wear on the beach with your bathing suit and you’re all set! It can easily be dressed up and paired with a maxi dress for evening.




In this photo, Crystal is sporting a relaxed turban style using the Color Block Italian Turban in Pink & Aqua.


How to get this look: Part your hair off to one side, and be sure it’s not tucked behind your ears at all. You can have straight or curly hair for this look, though a bit of volume and texture is key, so don’t go for sleek straight hair. Place the turban around your head, wearing it below the hair line on your forehead. Find a place where you feel comfortable wearing it, there’s a bit of flexibility here, so make this look your own! Add volume around the turban by pushing it up against the hair a bit as Crystal is doing in this shot. You’re creating a bit of lift and volume, but keep in mind, this is a relaxed style, so don’t get stressed over a few hairs out of place – that’s the look you’re going for.


Blog Image Four Neutral Looks

What to wear with it: Pick a color that will pop against your hair.  This color block turban gives the contrast and pop of color to that neutral outfit that takes your style one step further from blending in with the crowd. This style gives a fun relaxed feel to any outfit.  It goes well with many different styles. I would pair this with any “fun” outfit that  I wanted to still come off as relaxed.  Loose fitting and flowy is always a great look to pull off the feel of this style. Things like soft & loose linen trousers, flowy, loose and light, silk tops are perfect for this hair style.

Quick Tip: Didn’t have time to style your hair this morning? This turban is great for bed head and didn’t have time to style that unruly hair. The messier the hair the more relaxed touch this turban will add to your oh-so-cool outfit.  




This gorgeous turban is our Interlock Italian Turban in Cobalt.


How to get this look: As you place the turban around your head, pull the fabric out to the sides to create the wide look pictured above. The texture of the two pieces of fabric make this look special, so use it to your advantage! If you part your hair to one side, you may want to put the knot on that side as well. Pull the turban further down on your forehead for this look. As you put it on, be careful not to push up on the turban to add volume like we did before, this look is meant to be more sleek. For a fun twist, add some big, loose curls to the bottom of your hair – this will dress up the look.


blog Image Flowy Fittted Four Looks

What to wear with it: Same turban sleeker look. This is a great look to add that extra touch that pulls your casual, yet sophisticated look together. An outfit great to be paired with this look is a somewhat tailored feel, yet soft and flowy fabrics. Paired with an outfit that is too bulky may throw off the sleek look you are going for. I would pair it with skinny jeans, heels or flats with a tailored top.






Our last example is the Interlock Italian Turban in Aqua.


How to get this look: To create this style, put the hair turban over your head and around your neck like a necklace. Then pull it up and over your face just up to the hairline. Adjust the knot placement where you think it works best for your hair length and face shape. Crystal is wearing the knot on the left side of her head, matching her part off to that same side. Once you have the knot in place, push the turban back as far as you want. For this look, you can wear the turban just at the hair line, or push back almost where a headband would rest. If you have shorter bangs, the latter option is probably best for you to pull them away from you face and to avoid having short fly-aways around the front of the turban.

Blog Image Brights shortsWhat to wear with it: This look can be dressed up or dressed down. It’s a quick fix to get your hair pulled back while adding a classic look. Try a loose sweater with shorts for a put-together casual look, with classic elements, such as a blazer.  Or pair with an A-line skirt, with a fitted jacket, or high-waisted trousers with a tailored top.



Hope this answers some of your hair turban questions. If you have more, let me know in the comments, or email me!

Next week we will have a how-to for you focusing on hair sticks! If you have any specific questions about those, let me know and I’ll be sure to answer them in the next how-to blog.

Have a happy hair day!


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  1. Shelley B.

    August 7, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    I just purchased my first Turban and thanks to your excellent blog post- I’ve got some fantastic ideas on how to wear it. Thanks Jen!

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