Year in Review: 2013

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Is anyone else shocked that later this week we will officially enter into 2014? I am. Seriously – this year has gone by in a whirlwind! And yet – it was a fabulous year! I thought I would put together a quick 2013 recap for you highlighting a few things from around our world here at France Luxe.

I joined the team in February just after they returned from a product development trip to Europe where many beautiful new hair accessories will be coming from in the early months of 2014! Just a few short weeks later we reintroduced one of our favorite items of the year, the pony cuff! Our L. Erickson Atelier Enamel Pony Cuff has exploded as one of our Top 10 items for 2013 and we’ve talked about it a few times, here and a video here. (Okay, let’s be honest, I’ve talked about it more than a few times. It’s a fave for sure!)

We also added to our collection of how to videos this year showing you how to wear Hair Sticks, Headwraps, Cascades and more! Check our our YouTube Channel to see all of them. Speaking of videos – we just finished our Holiday Hair series of which the most popular was how to do a French Braid! There will be more tutorials coming your way over the next few months too! Be sure to subscribe to our channel to stay up to date on our latest videos!

During 2013 we also teamed up with some pretty amazing bloggers to bring you some tutorials, giveaways and more! Check out some of the highlights here:

A unique way to wear the Pony Cuff with Raving Fashionista!

Princess Tuck Tutorial with One Artsy Mama

Pony Lock Style with All Things Kate!

Another highlight for 2013 in our offices was being included in the pages of many of our favorite magazines! You can see the full collection here, but here’s a few of our favorites!

Harpers_September2013_press InStyle_December2013_press RealSimple_August2013_press Seventeen_December2013_press







And as I’m sure you saw from our Instagram feed, we recently did a photo shoot here in Seattle! We have beautiful new images that we are working on now and can’t wait to show them to you.

I also wanted to share a few of Laurie’s (our incredible CEO!) favorite hair accessories from 2013! Here are her top picks:

Favorite Comb:Handmade French Twist Comb


Favorite Barrette: Elysee Barrette


Favorite Jaw: Double Tooth Jaw



Favorite Headwrap: Color Block Elastic Loop Headband


Favorite Headband: Bermuda Bow Headband


Favorite Cuff Pony: Atelier Enamel Cuff Pony


Favorite Luxe Item: Treasure Trove Barrette


Favorite Pony: Grab & Go Pony Tube


What’s in store for 2014? What do you want to see? Let me know what you want to see me blogging more about and I’ll see what I can do for you. You can be sure that we have lots of tutorials in store for you, both photo and video for next year, as well as some fun contests and giveaways planned.

Until then, from our family to yours – Happy New Year!

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