France Luxe Small Jaw - Classic

France Luxe Small Jaw - Classic

France Luxe

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France Luxe Small Jaw - Classic is an eye-catching accent piece. Handcrafted in France, the versatile jaw features a second row of teeth for added grip, making it a quick and simple styling solution for any occasion. With its sleek design and luxurious finish, this chic hair clip is an elegant addition to your ensemble.
Product Features:
- Handmade in France
- Great for most hair types
- Quick and easy styling solution
- Made of durable cellulose acetate
- Dimensions: 1 3/8" wide, 2 3/4" long

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France Luxe Small Jaw - Classic

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
My favorite jaw
I have long hair that is very fine and a little on the thin side, and this is by far my favorite jaw made by France Luxe or any company. It is curved so that it rests comfortably when I wear one at the back of my head or use two to sweep back the hair on either side of my head. Best of all, the teeth come together at the bottom of the jaw and don't poke into my scalp like jaws with longer teeth do! I can wear these all day long without having to readjust and they never give me a headache. They are obviously very well made, with strong springs and high-quality materials. I can easily imagine that these will last me many decades or the rest of my life. Also a huge plus for me is the fact that the handles of this jaw are so understated and streamlined. They don't stick out and call attention to themselves or change your profile like the handles of other jaws, and I think that gives this jaw a more modern, elegant appearance. I am really hoping that France Luxe will offer these in the future in Alba, Caramel Horn, Nacro Mocha and Nacro Ivory. It would also be amazing if France Luxe would make a mini version of this small jaw in the exact same shape, but 3/4 of an inch or a full inch shorter. I love the length of the small jaw as it is, but a mini version would also be useful (and cute!).
Reviewed by:  from CA. on 7/8/2017

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