L. Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holders - Set of Eight - As Seen in Short Styles Magazine

L. Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holders - Set of Eight - As Seen in Short Styles Magazine FASHION PRESS

L. Erickson

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L. Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holders are a must-have basic accessory. Constructed of thick elastic accented with an ornamental oval bead, the ponytail holders are metal-free and non-damaging. These hair ties are perfect for a simple ponytail and offer exceptional hold. Keep a few in your purse, desk, and car for a quick and comfortable on-the-go styling solution.
Product Features:
- Imported by L. Erickson
- Set of 8 ponytail holders
- Each pony features ornamental oval bead
- Sturdy elastic is great for all hair types
- Dimensions: 2" diameter

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L. Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holders - Set of Eight

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
L. Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holders
Absolutely in love with these. I bought a couple to try at the spa I used to work at, and was devastated when I ended up losing them. I messaged the spa specifically to ask what the brand was called so that I could purchase them online. I ended up purchasing an 8 pack. The best. Doesn't leave that annoying ponytail mark when you take it out.
Reviewed by:  from Brookline. on 6/16/2017
5 Stars
Great hold!
These hold particularly well without pulling my hair. The Bronze Metallic set is a bit more metallic looking than the picture represents, but very attractive and a good match for hair on the blond to brown spectrum.
Reviewed by:  from Ohio. on 4/26/2017
2 Stars
Ponytail Holders
More for kids hair as I bought them for myself but they don't hold my hair up well.
Reviewed by:  from US. on 4/16/2017
5 Stars
My favorite
My favorite and my girls favorite. Have been using these for years. The only ponytail holder that we all use!!
Reviewed by:  from USA. on 3/12/2017
5 Stars
The best ever
This is the best elastic I tried in my life. Stays in place and doesn't damage hair at all. Would recommend to everyone.
Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 1/12/2017
5 Stars
I had received a sample ponytail holder in a make up sample kit a little over a year ago. It was AMAZING!!!! I have extremely long thick hair and it kept my hair in place and unless I was doing very strenuous things my hair didn't budge. I love the holder so much it was a must in my hospital bag when i gave birth back in November. Throughout my labor my hair even stayed in place. After my recovery I treated myself to a pack of the holders. Though still working amazingly, the first ponytail holder I used out of the package only worked the first 2 times I put it in my hair before some of the rubber bands broke and it began to pull my hair and curled up on me. I chuck it up to it being that one rare damaged holder, considering, I wore the other one every day for over a year without even seeing a rubber band in it. I still tell everyone how much I love these holders, that I can't believe how easily it holds all my hair in place, and now, how they even stood the test of a 9 hour labor and delivery.
Reviewed by:  from USA. on 1/12/2017
5 Stars
So comfortable
I received one of these ties for a free gift in an order. My hair is about 30 inches long and very heavy and this is the first time I've used a tie that holds my hair in place and feels so comfortable, as well. They also don't pull your hair when you removed them. I'm ordering more.
Reviewed by:  from Montana. on 1/7/2017
5 Stars
These really are the best pony tail holders! I have a lot of thick hair and they hold it in place when I sleep which is no easy task! They look nice in your hair too! Originally I bought hair clips and I received a pony tail holder as my free gift and promptly ordered 2 sets! I plan on sharing with my friends!
Reviewed by:  from Cohasset. on 10/13/2016
5 Stars
the best
these are the best hair ties in their functionality and their beauty
Reviewed by:  from CA. on 10/10/2016
4 Stars
Good stuff
These are very nice but they still DO snarl your hair after a few uses. That said, they ARE the best I've ever used.
Reviewed by:  from Kansas. on 10/2/2016
5 Stars
Best ever in its style
Hands down the most comfortable elastic style I have ever worn. For me, when I put the drug store elastic a in my hair I find they pull or drag on a section of hair usually in the front and I just can't wear it. I got this as a sample and I was amazed. It hold firmly with out pulling anywhere and never pulls out hair when I remove it which I do by sliding gently. I bought the chestnut color and when I repurchase I'll get the black. Worth every penny.
Reviewed by:  from Arizona. on 9/20/2016
5 Stars
EXTREMELY pleased!!!...
Could not be happier with these pony tail holders. They hold my thick hair well and do not pull or start to slip as they are worn. I love the colors and am convinced that I might have a slight addiction. So many colors to choose from. Thank you for such a great product.
Reviewed by:  from Renton. on 9/16/2016
5 Stars
These were recommended by my daughter, who said they were good. (She has thick, curly hair.) I have a drawer full of many types/sizes of elastic bands, always looking for one that holds well, doesn't damage hair, doesn't stretch out after a few uses and stays put in my thinner hair. Until now, I thought there was no such thing. These are THE best in every way! The only problem is the tremendous color selection. Tough decision!
Reviewed by:  from southern CA. on 9/6/2016
5 Stars
These ponytail holders do not pull hair out when you take it out. They do not stretch out, they stay the same. Also, they do not leave a mark in your hair when you take it out. Awesome pony tail holders!!!!!
Reviewed by:  from Sugar Land, TX. on 8/4/2016
5 Stars
Great colors for my ponytail
This is the best set of colors for my ponytail and they hold thin hair just great.
Reviewed by:  from AZ. on 5/28/2016
5 Stars
Great everyday hair accessory
Second time purchasing these great ponytail holders. My daughter and I use them almost daily. Does not damage the hair.
Reviewed by:  from NJ. on 5/22/2016
5 Stars
These hair ties are great!
These hair ties are great!! Unlike the drug store bands I used to buy they can be used right away-no stretching out required!! Yet they still fit comfortably on my wrist, which is a big plus. Lastly, the fall color combo works very well with my (slightly) reddish brown hair :)
Reviewed by:  from USA. on 5/20/2016
5 Stars
I absolutely love these ponytail holders. They're very easy on the hair, never snag or fall apart, last forever and come in a variety of beautiful colors. My boyfriend chose sand for me. How nice!
Reviewed by:  from NYC. on 5/11/2016
5 Stars
We are three girls - 7, 10 (my daughters) and 41 (that's me) who enjoy these, they are great, thank you!
Reviewed by:  from Canada. on 4/15/2016
5 Stars
Love these hair ties!
Love these hair ties! They stay put and don't pull your hair out. They fit well around your wrist in case you need one for later (mom of three girls, there is always a need). I also love that France Luxe carries all of these colors, which most stores and vendors don't.
Reviewed by:  from USA. on 2/8/2016
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